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About Us

The National Early Childhood Intervention Council (NECIC) is a coalition of parents, practitioners, and professionals from NGOs and government agencies in the country involved in advocacy with policy makers for early childhood intervention for children with special needs as a right.

NECIC’s main role is to provide a voice on current disability and early childhood intervention policies and practices through press releases, and participating in dialogues and roundtable discussions with stakeholders.

NECIC also conducts or organises trainings and workshops to enhance the knowledge and shift the perspectives of parents, early intervention practitioners, preschool and schoolteachers so that the changing needs of children with disabilities are well supported in their natural environment.

NECIC’s main activity is the biennial National Early Childhood Intervention Conference. The National committee works hand-in-hand with local organisers of the hosting state to carry out the National Conference. The National Conference is held on a rotating basis in various states throughout the country to create awareness locally and involve wider local grassroot participation.

Vision & Mission

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To advocate early childhood intervention as a right to optimize the learning and development of children with disabilities (CWD) or special needs

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To be a catalyst for change in meeting the diverse educational and rehabilitation needs of all children as well as the promotion of inclusive education for children with special needs

Our Objectives


To act as a forum to discuss, advocate, monitor and review existing policies and practices related to early childhood intervention for children with special needs in the country


To empower and provide essential support for working parents, particularly mothers, carers and families to meet specific needs of reliable childcare and intervention.


To act as a coordinating body to promote and emphasize the crucial components of effective early childhood intervention:

  • Early detection and prompt diagnosis.
  • Effective, integrated and convenient intervention services.
  • Families as the focal point of positive partnerships.
  • Well-trained, highly skilled, intensely motivated professionals.


To organize seminars, workshops, and conferences to promote, exchange and upgrade information towards achieving the National Council’s aims and objectives and maintain continuance of staff exchange program locally and internationally.

Key Working Areas

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Children with Disabilities

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Early Childhood Intervention

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Inclusive Education