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Title: Grant and Fee Assistance for Special Needs Children in Pre-School
Date: 04-Aug-2013

Good news for the organizations or centres which provides EI programme.

  1. NGO who provides EI program are entitle to apply fund (bantuan yuran) for the children of pre-school age 5 & 6, (year 2007 and 2008) can apply for the bantuan yuran.  Each child can be given up to RM5k = RM500 per month for 10 months.  There is a table to follow and some may not meet the criteria.  Also depends on the income of the family.  (Refer to attached files G1 - G4, Y1 - Y8) 
  2. Those centre/org registered with ROS, ROA and have children in your centre now (at least 3 aged 5 & 6), you can apply for a one off grant of RM20,000.  This grant is actually for new set up or wanting to set up but now it is also open to us who have long time operating centres for children with special needs. 

BUT you must registered with KPM first (use Borang BPS 1).  Even as you put in your registration with them, they will consider the grant for you.  If you are interested, please check this out with KPM.  Person to contact: Encik Zakaria Bin Mustafa 03-88849517 / 012-3510818.  

Further queries, please contact  the officer in charge. 

Following are the required forms to fill up:

1.    Garis Panduan Geran Dan Yuran
2.    Panduan Mengisi Borang Permohonan IPS
3.    Borang G1: Pemohonan Geran Pendidikan Khas
4.    Borang G2: Akuan Penerima Geran Prasekolah Swasta
5.    Borang G3: Laporan Penggunaan Bantuan Geran
6.    Borang G4: Perincian Perbelanjaan Geran Prasekolah Pendidikan Khas
7.    Borang Y1: Permohonan Bantuan Yuran
8.    Borang Y2: Format Senarai Murid Terima Yuran
9.    Borang Y3: Akuan Penerimaan Yuran Prasekolah Swasta
10.  Borang Y4: Surat Makluman Ibu Bapa
11.  Borang Y5: Surat Kuasa Mewakilkan
12.  Borang Y6: Pemulangan Bantuan Yuran Murid Prasekolah Swasta
13.  Borang Y7: Senarai Kawalan Prasekolah Pendidikan Khas Swasta Terima Bantuan Yuran
14.  Borang Y8: Borang Maklumat Pertukaran Murid
15.  Borang BPS 1




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