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Title: Inclusive Education: Are we ready?
Date: 06-Nov-2020
Category: Inclusive Education
Source/Author: Dato Dr Amar Singh
Description: Session with SEED Autism Services on Inclusive Education: Are we ready?

1. What is inclusive education and what are some common myths and beliefs about inclusive education?
2. Is there a difference between inclusive education and mainstream education or are they the same?
3. Is mainstream education the end goal for all learners with special needs?
4. How do we determine if a learner with special needs is benefitting from a learning setting (mainstream/total  special needs/inclusive)?
5. What is the benefit of inclusive education to families with special needs to the greater community?
6. How do we solve this chicken and egg situation whereby children who are almost ready but the education system is not yet inclusive-ready due to the on-going refining of the implementation process?
7. Can you give some advice to parents out there who have children with special needs, but they do not have the confidence to put their children through the MOE’s education system? What are some things that the families with special education can do now while waiting for the system to be ready for them?

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